Holly Graham is an experienced and accomplished teacher of biology. She received her B.A. in Secondary Education at Holy Family University and her Master’s of Integrated Science Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She currently possesses a dual certification in Biology and General Science for grades 7-12, and is in her 14th year of teaching.

Holly initially taught for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at Maternity B.V.M. School in Northeast Philadelphia. After teaching sixth grade science and math for four years, she opted to take a year off to stay at home with her daughter, Rachel, and newly born son, Louie. Upon returning to the work field, she ventured into a newly formed charter school, also in Northeast Philadelphia, called MaST Community Charter School. It specialized in mathematics, science, and technology. While at MaST, Holly taught numerous science courses such as Biology I and II, Genetics, Chemistry, and Physics. After 5 years of teaching at MaST, she moved on to her final and present place of employment with the Central Bucks School District, which is located in Doylestown of Bucks County. She teaches Honors Biology at Central Bucks South. and is also on a temporary assignment as a “Classroom for the Future” Science and Technology Coach for all of the Central Bucks High Schools: East, South, and West.

Throughout her years of studying science and teaching, Holly has always remained proactive in all of her school communities. She has taken on various titles such as Science Coordinator, Science Fair Director, Grade Coordinator, Student Council Moderator, Class Advisor, and Play Director.

Prior to being hired by the Central Bucks School District, Holly and her husband did extensive research to find the best district for their children to attend. After many months, they both agreed on CB. With that decision, they based their move and relocated to Warrington, where their children now attend Mill Creek Elementary. Believe it or not, the day of settlement on their new home, CB called Holly for an interview—no lie! She was so excited that her kids were part of CB that she didn’t even realize that she could also be a part of such an amazing community.

On a personal level, Holly
grew up in Pine Valley of Northeast Philadelphia. She is the youngest of 10 children and the only person in her family that received a college education. She is happily married to Steve Graham and together have a daughter Rachel (age 1 2—7th grade) and son Louie (age 10—5th grade). Her husband is a Senior Account Manager of the Philadelphia area for the Scooter Store, a talented musician in a band, and a professional photographer. Her daughter is an active member of Unami's tennis team and plays volleyball for St. Jude's CYO. She loves to play the violin and is a scrapbooking whiz! Her son plays football, basketball, and lacrosse for the Warrington Warriors and has been pestering for drum lessons, which shall begin shortly. They recently had a new addition to the family; a yellow lab named Maggie! Holly loves scrapbooking with her daughter, enjoys music, and traveling outdoors with her family. The Graham’s are affiliated with St. Jude’s Parish in Chalfont and reside in Warrington, PA of Bucks County.