1) Lab Report Format

1) Lab Reports for Block 2 are due Monday
2) Lab reports for Block 1 are due Wednesday - we will finish this on Friday due to the drill today
Unit Test - Chapters 1-3

Take the online Chap. 4 Pre-test (will NOT count as a quiz grade, just homework completion)
1) Complete Chap. 3 online activities B, F-I
2) Block 1 ONLY - Online chap. 3 quiz (51 ques) with partner
3) Grade Conferences - Block 1 ONLY
4) Block 2 - sorry I missed you today! I actually really missed you guys!!! Look over IC and if you have any questions about your grade, email me.

1) Study for Tuesday's Unit Test! Chapters 1-3...all notes to date! Test will have True and False, Multiple Choice, Diagrams, Models, Essays, etc.
2) Make sure you have 2 - #2 pencils and your agenda planner with your periodic table. Test should take ~60-80 minutes.
3) Bring a book to read when you are done the test.
1) Review of Homework and structural formulas
2) Molecular models at stations
3) Surprise quiz on structural formulas!

Study for Tuesday's Unit Test! Chapters 1-3...all notes to date!
1) PP on Lipids and Nucleic Acids
2) Nutrient Lab Completion

1) Using the 15 chemical formulas from today's handout, complete structural formulas for each. Follow the directions on the handout.
2) Study all notes to date!
1) PP on Proteins (see 9/26 PP posting)
2) Nutrient Lab - Parts B & C
3) Discussion of results shared

see 9/27
1) Add textbook images to today's notes
2) Complete blog posting on "What's the Scoop"? listed under the "Bio-BLOG-ology" navigation link. Be sure to open up the correct posting and reply. ( reply, you must be signed into YOUR Wiki account!)
3. Unit test (Chap. 1-3) next Tuesday! STUDY!!!
1) Chap. 3 online activities A and C-E with partners (use headphones)
2) Wrap up of low fat vs. low carb diet
3) Part A of lab...testing for carbohydrates!

Due to the holiday tomorrow, all homework is due Thursday.
1) Complete Chap. 3 "Thinking as a Scientist: The Effectiveness of Drugs" --- be sure after you submit your answers to scroll all the way down the page and enter your name and my email address ( Then click submit again. You will know that it was successful if it tells you that it was submitted to me.
2) Study notes!
1) Article A, "Seeking Life", presentation by peers
2) Article A class discussion
3) Complete You Decide: Low Fat or Low Carb - Which is Healthier?

1) Study notes
2) Upload text images to your notebook
3) Make sure your "You Decide" is posted in your notebook right after your notes on carbohydrates
1) "MP3 Tutors" of water put on Podcast page
2) PP on Carbohydrates
3) Online text...You Decide: Low Fat or Low Carb - Which is Healthier?

1) Article summary #1 due tomorrow
2) Study notes