11/17 & 18
1) Work on PhotoStories
2) Cancer presentation by guest speaker, Mr. Curtis

1) PhotoStories due Wednesday - I will give about 20 minutes for finishing touches and drop boxing them
2) Complete your classes blog
1) CB Survey
2) Intro to PhotoStory Cancer Project
3) Begin research

1) Complete research on your cancer topic
2) Gather all images for your PhotoStory
1) Review of the cell cycle
2) Quiz on Cell Cycle

Check out this Cell Cycle Game...can you beat it?
1) Cell Mitosis Square Dance
2) Cell Cycle review and wrap up

1) Online Text Chap. 8 A-C + 2 video clips
2) Quiz tomorrow on Cell Cycle - know all images from text of mitosis phases and the cell cycle. Study ALL notes on cell division.
1) PP on Cell Cycle
2) Online text - do the Bioflix (eTutors) - Chap. 8 Mitosis - complete ANIMATION, TUTORIALS, and print and complete the STUDY SHEET

1. "Cell Division" handout from
2. Study notes from the PP
3. Wear your cowboy boots and hats for tomorrow's class...we are doing the mitosis square dance! Bonus bucks go to those that dress!
Portfolio Assessment - "Origin of the Eukaryotic Cell"

1) Online text - click on the "YOU DECIDE" - UNIT 2 - "Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?" - complete all of the steps and answer all of the questions...when you get to the final step, where you draw conclusions, type up your paragraph or write it on looseleaf paper to be collected tomorrow
2) Look at chap. 8
Unit Test - The Cell & Cell Transport

Enjoy your weekend!
1) View and comment on Glogs
2) Complete Cell Analogies
3) Cell Game Review for Test!

1) View and comment on all Glogs if not yet completed
2) Study for tomorrow's test: It will include ALL notes on the Cell and Cell Transport, Diagrams of the plasma membrane, bacterial cell (cellsalive), animal cell, and plant cell. It contains true/false, multiple choice, diagrams, and essays.
1) Check cell analogy story
2) Sharing of stories
3) Cell analogy story creations

1) VIEW your classmates glogs
2) Leave a COMMENT for your classmate on their glog
3) RATE your classmates glogs with the 1-5 star rating scale present
4) Study for Friday's Unit test on the cell and cell transport
1) PP on Active Transport
2) Finish Glogs

1) Glogs due Wednesday
2) Cell City Analogy Story due Wednesday!


1) Review of cell organelles
2) Cell Word Drawings - see handout!

1) Study cell notes for quiz on Thursday - it will be on cell organelle functions and labeling diagrams!
2) Block 2 ONLY - cellsalive packets due tomorrow!
3) Unit test will be next Friday 11/7, due to the S.S. final.
1) Finish movie "Osmosis Jones"
2) Quiz on Cell Transport
3) Lab Report touch-ups and drop boxed
*Block 1 only - Introduction to Cell Word drawings
*Block 2 only - Article Presentation

1) Article Presentations
2) Discuss lab report and work on graphs and conclusion with lab partner

1) Quiz on Monday on "Eggsperiment" results and cell transport power point
2) Lab reports due Monday - save them to your flash NOT email them to me
1) Finish last step of eg lab
2) Complete excel chart
3) Osmosis Jones!

1) Study all cell notes to date - especially transport notes!
2) Lab reports for egg lab due Monday
3) Article Summary Presentations tomorrow!
1) The "Eggsperiment"
2) PP on Cell Transport

1) Study all cell notes to date
2) Lab reports for egg lab due Monday
1) Quiz on membrane
2) Handout papers
3) Discuss stem cells and blog postings
4) Review PP on Organelles

1) Article summary due tomorrow --- must read both articles, but only need to turn in one summary of your choice.
2) Study all notes to date
1) Plasma membrane - review of diagram & concept
2) Plasma membrane demo
3) Intro to egg lab -"The Eggsperiment"
4) Set up of problem, hypothesis, materials, procedure, & data table for the lab.
5) Mass & record eggs - place in vinegar

1) Read the following about stem cell Q & A:
1) Quiz
2) Blog
3) Cells Alive Webquest
4) Upload textbook images into your Zoho Notes

1) Study all notes to date
2) Complete any unfinished classwork from the past 3 days
3) Bring in a raw egg for Monday's class. You only really need 1-egg between you and your lab partner --- work it out!
4) I will be going through notebooks this sure they are up to date! Including textbook images within yur notes!
2) PP on Cell Organelles
3) Chapter 4 online textbook activities 4D, 4E, 4F, & 4G.
4) Watch all of chapter 4's video clips

1) Study all cell notes to date
2) Complete any unfinished classwork from today
3) Quiz tomorrow on the cell and the plasma membrane
1) PP on Cell Membrane & Nucleus
2) Chapter 5 online textbook activities 5E, 5F, & 5G
3) Chap. 5 online activity “Thinking as a Scientist: How do cells communicate with each other?

1) Complete any unfinished classwork
2) Complete plasma membrane coloring chart
1) Metric Quiz!
2) Discuss Lab Graph - Block 1
3) Cork Lab - Block 2
4) Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Lab

1) Finish Microscope Lab - Block 1
1) Discuss Lab Graph - Block 2
2) PP on the Cell
3) Cork Lab - Block 1

1) Begin Chap. 4 online activities
2) Study pg. 52, Table 4-1 Metric System Chart for quiz tomorrow
1) Microscope introduction
2) Microscope quiz
3) Microscope lab

Block 1 - Nutrient Lab reports due Wednesday
Block 2 - Nutrient Lab reports due Monday