1) Quiz on water and pH & check HW
2) Discuss lab analysis questions
3) Graph results in Excel via a scatter plot
4) Print out graphs and attach to your lab packet - to be collected
5) Online Chap.2 Activities I & J

1) Complete the Online Activities Quiz for Chap. 2 (32 ques) --- make sure you completed activities I & J prior to doing so if you did not do so in class today
2) Download the "Properties of Water" MP3 from the MP3 Tutors section of the online text to you Zoho notebook section on water
3) Article A's summary is due this Friday
1) Check Zoho notebook for my comments
2) PP on pH
3) Buffer Investigation Lab

1) Complete lab analysis questions
2) Complete rough copy of graph in lab packet - put # of drops on y-axis vs. the solutions (4 lines)
3) Study for quiz tomorrow! Chem - Part 2
1) Monday Blog!
2) - take the test to help you determine your animal!
3) Zoho notebook and online textbook
4) Discussion of water properties

1) Read all classmates blog postings
2) Study notes - possible quiz
3) Review pH
4) Upload your element podcast to your Zoho notebook tab titled "Podcasts"
1) Review of Structural Formulas
2) Quiz on Chem notes - part 1
3) Discuss Honors Articles
4) Penny and water activity

Article Summary & Rubric

Article Presentation Rubric
1) Take notes in Zoho on PP-Water
2) Make sure your online notebook is p to date...I will be marking them on Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend!!!
1) Comments on Podcasting & feedback from peer evaluation
2) Chem PP on Bonding and Valence Electrons
3) Chem Worksheet at stations
4) Honors Article Requirements

Additional Practice Problems with Solutions ***Answer for #4, O should be 36, not 27!!!

1) Chem quiz tomorrow on all chem notes thus far.
2) Online activities 2E-H
1) Complete podcasts
2) save in "I-drive" and then drop in "Drop Folder"

1) Using the "Peer Evaluation Rubric", listen and evaluate your classmates podcasts.
2) Try the following for the online text...
a) go to it from the main page
b) go to it from your Zoho notebook tab
c) Make sure you have Shockwave installed on your computer and it is the latest version.
3) Review notes
1) Discuss cookie problem
2) "How To" podcast
3) Begin element podcast

1) Study chem notes
2) Try to fix cookie problem folowing the instructions posted in the "Cooki Proble?" link
3) Bibliography due tomorrow - typed and complete!
4) All sound effects and research ready!
1) Review of Periodic Table
2) PP on Chem con't
3) Brainstorming sheet with partner for tomorrow's podcasting

1) Study chem notes
2) Complete Online textbook chap. 2 activities 2A through 2D
3) All scripts complete for tomorrow's recording!
1) Quiz on Characteristics of Life
2)Chem PP continued
3) Periodic Table at stations
4)Discuss Element project (pick element)

1) Research your element following the criteria on our handout
2) In your Zoho Notebook...either you or your partner needs to follow these directions:
a) Switch to Zoho Writer
b) Title your document "Element Podcast for "
c) Save the Document with this title
d) Click on share
e) Enter your partner's email address under READ + WRITE
f) Hit "Share"